Project 6: fitting the frame to the subject(part 1)

Hadn’t quite read the brief properly, so my intended subject was not photographed as a small part of the surroundings, however I’m still including it here as I really like the third photo. It’s also a good reminder of my tendency to rush in over enthusiastically when I only think I know what I’m doing.

First view

First view

This first view is not composed, just traditional subject in the centre – consequently not very interesting.
Filling the frame

Filling the frame

This is better, you can tell I was deliberately photographing this building, rather than just snapping whatever was in front of me.


This is my favourite of the three, the peeling paint and rust on the doors gives an air of neglect. the colours of the doors and brickwork also add interest to the picture.
Pity I didn’t re read the brief and remember to take a fourth picture putting the power station(or whatever it was) into its surroundings properly.

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