Project 6: fitting the frame to the subject(part 1)

Hadn’t quite read the brief properly, so my intended subject was not photographed as a small part of the surroundings, however I’m still including it here as I really like the third photo. It’s also a good reminder of my tendency to rush in over enthusiastically when I only think I know what I’m doing.

First view

First view

This first view is not composed, just traditional subject in the centre – consequently not very interesting.
Filling the frame

Filling the frame

This is better, you can tell I was deliberately photographing this building, rather than just snapping whatever was in front of me.


This is my favourite of the three, the peeling paint and rust on the doors gives an air of neglect. the colours of the doors and brickwork also add interest to the picture.
Pity I didn’t re read the brief and remember to take a fourth picture putting the power station(or whatever it was) into its surroundings properly.

Martin Parr Photographer

Martin Parr Photographer.

Martin Parr

I found Martin Parr’s book, the Last Resort, in a lbrary some years ago, while I was looking for something else.
I spent a lot of time at New Brighton in the eighties, it was then the resort you went to when you couldn’t afford to go anywhere else. Punters who can’t afford to travel to a more desirable resort don’t spend enough to keep a place afloat, so the place was on its knees.
In Victorian times, the resort did rival Brighton itself, travel was difficult and New Brighton had everything.
I found Martin Parr’s pictures very moving. It was like seeing photos of Marilyn Monroe as a homeless old lady.
Martin captured New Brighton perfectly, just as it was – grubby, run-down, and truly the Last Resort.
Needless to say, I’ve been a fan ever since.

Project 3: Focus with different apertures

The railings of a school provided the setting here.

There is a clear difference between the first and third photos, as expected.

Aperture at its widest

Aperture at its widest

a mid point aperture

a mid point aperture

The smallest aperture setting

The smallest aperture setting

Project 2:focus with a set aperture

cornflowers  at York Lavender

cornflowers at York Lavender


A visit to Yorkshire Lavender provided these two photos, the day was really bright and many of my photos were over exposed.

I prefer the photo with the cornflowers in focus, rather than the one focusing on the landscape in the background as that one appears washed out.

I can’t be sure if I would make the same choice if the exposure had been better.



Yorkshire landscape with cornflowers in the foreground

Course Materials…..

have arrived.
It’s all looking very interesting.


I’ve finally enrolled with OCA.
This is my learning blog for The Art Of Photography.
At the moment I’m just looking forward to getting my hands on my parcel!